Received this cookie a couple days after I got back from Moab. Hmmm... time for another trip already?


Bike Junkyard

Finally cleared out the BIG pile of bikes, parts and madmax mutants that had been accumulating behind the house. Don't worry, I couldn't bring myself to check everything and did manage to hang onto a couple of the gems. :)


Parking Lot?

OK... What's going on here? Only one entrance/exit and it chained. It's also land locked with the only access being from another open parking lot.


World's First 100% Compostable Chip Bag

Has anybody else tried a bag of these chips yet? I'm pretty sure they are also the world's loudest chip bag. It nuts really... You literally cannot hear somebody talking right next to you if they've got a hand in there.


MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power)

Decided it was time to do a MAP test this year since I'm finally riding consistently again, but the question is... did I "cheat" by not keeping the ramp rate consistent right until the failure point? Notice I inadvertently spiked the power up in the last 30 seconds when the going got really tough. Last time I did this test was March of '09 and I scored 408... this time 414. Is the 414 inflated or legit though?

(yeah I broke the "always post from my phone" rule on this one)

High Def

We're now up with the times thanks to the new dish our little guy installed. Good stuff.


2009 Christmas Lights (burned out)

Here's the sign we stuck outside this year. The lights are so weak they don't even need a photo.

How low can you go?

Seriously, this thing was prob close to an inch or less from dragging.

Thanksgiving Day

This was pretty much our agenda for the day thanks to Makenna. Good times.


Wheel bumpers?

What are these things? Saw them installed on both front wheels of an Acura TSX this morn. Rear wheels were normal.



CrankBrothers cleats

Am I the only one who wears out a set of cleats in just 6 months? Seems like they should last longer. I installed these before our Moab trip this spring and they're a goner now. These are actually the upgraded "premium" cleats too which are made from tougher brass. I do know that these last a lot longer than the standard ones they provide though, something like 1month vs 6months from my experience.

The pedals are still hard to beat... just keep spare cleats in your toolbox for the inevitable replacement when your shoes start slopping around and popping out at inconvenient times!

Facebook Account Unavailable

Well this is no fun... Can't log in from a computer, blackberry or mobile web. Other accounts I've tried work fine though... what's up? Cool part is I can't get to the company facebook account either since it's linked to mine. Hope they take care of it sooner than later since it's already been 6hrs of broken. :)

Account Unavailable

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Carving Pumpkins

Power tools are a must.


Our new rides

I think Jamie and I should each get one of these.


Giant Nest

So we found this thing hanging out in our front yard. The question is what the heck is it though. BIL suggested bald face hornets. The hole into that thing could house a small bird though... A bit scary what might be inside, especially since it's so big.


Eagle Island Cyclocross Races

Great racing this weekend opened up the season in the valley. I had my mechanic thoroughly go over my ride before departure and I'm sure it helped.



So I've got 5yrs of velonews here... Think its time to trash em or are they worth keeping for some great reason I can't think of?

Cyclocross Time!

I've been riding the 'cross bike for a couple weeks and just noticed my chainring from last season while prepping things to race on Sat... Whoops, guess I better start paying attention.


Team Reel

Couple shots from a great club ride we had a few weeks ago.


The Riding Mower / Burner

Ok, riddle me this. For some reason our mower creates these spots if you stop moving for very long. Two of those spot I completely stopped the engine and restarted... The other I just stopped moving for a few seconds to let the deep grass catch up. What the heck is causing this. There are no obvious leaking fluids... But I haven't actually crawled up under the thing yet either. There are no puddles where it sits parked all week. I'm not sure if its always done it or not, but I always forget until a few days after I mow when the "stop spots" show up. A few more days of watering and they blend their way back in. What the weird? I'm going to do some more tests next mow job if I remember and track down the exact position the dead is created under.

Here's the mower we're talkin 'bout.


Crop Dusted

Cool sight out on a ride the other evening. Cool until I had to ride thru the cloud of poison anyway...


Dog Walkers

The best flier that has ever been left on our door.



For some reason every bottle is always dirty when I head out for a ride. Here's the line of them after gathering from around the house and garage... whoops.


Double Rainbow

Perfect double rainbow spotted on drive down from McCall a few weeks back.

Check out this great post about how rainbows work too.


Disc Brakes

Wow... Now that's a big brake rotor.


Cambridge, ID

Camp for the night on Ride Idaho.



He came out of the fam room just repeating "ears" today. Turns out only one earring would stay put and he needed help stuffing his other ear was the prob...


El Tiburon

This one's for Bean.



So should compressing a Parallels disk image take 4 days? I don't have a good feeling about this... Better not lose my data!