Back to Reality

That's a lot of mail. Pictures from our trip are here.


Hawaiian tree trimmer

For some reason this seems like a cool job to me.


Electronic Gadgetry Galore

We like to travel in style ...and, this isn't even all of it.

Dessert on the beach.

This is what it looks like when ten people randomly dive into a costco cheese cake.


Oakley Cyborg

Through many eyes. All Canon.

We are ready to document ALL action.


18% in this spot.

Waimea Canyon road here. This baby hurts!


Woo... We made it.

Almost there

Best seat in the house.


So we missed our connecting flight in Maui, so still not there. This is turning into a long day.

Hungry Phoenix Cyborg



Uhhg... this day never ends. Bring on Hawaii already, gosh!


In regard to dd

I think dd is my favorite unix command and i'm pretty sure I don't know 95% of it's powers.


Cyborg Sighting

You know, this might just be a new goal. Catch the cyborgs in action.


Boise to Bogus x2

Ok, so here we are at Bogus Basin for the second time. The total came out to 63miles and 7500' of climbing. It kicked our butts.

On the road to Bogus

Broken chain link

Today's ride started with Nate busting his chain. We repaired it on the road and carried on.



Still have a few cords to wind up though.

Easter Celebration

Finally got the last of the lights off the house. I think it's appropriate that I waited until easter weekend. What better wayto extend the season. Only 7 months until they start to go back up.

Potato Gun

It's been quite a while since the potato gun has seen use. I dusted it off and put a few rounds thru tonight. It took a few extra clicks, but it was just as loud and awesome as I remember. Cam would be proud.


First crit of season... Bring on the pain.

Sixth in the bunch sprint. Pretty happy with that considering my only goal was not to come in last and no crashes. Kind of forgot how painful racing is... But memory came back fast.

Driftwood's Whitewater Skipper

Skip says hi


Ahhh... Yeah. So i'm finally in the club of the flashing blue cyborg accessories. FYI, Bluetooth rocks... but maybe you already knew that.


7 weeks

Ok. So here's a pretty big clue as to our latest news. We're stoked.


As of today, the robot is officially out of hibernation. Mowing commences today!


First Photo

Now we are talkin.

My Blag!

So, here's my blag. Straight from my phone :-) No computer posts allowed.