Hey! Look over there...

Nate shows us the correct gate closing technique on Hard Guy.


Mounds of Manure

The garden is loaded and almost ready to plant. (all thanks to Jamie)


Another year older...

Happy Birthday Mom!


Cinco de Moustache

Taking some shape now... I think my mustache grew side burns!


Holy Sheep!

There were a LOT of sheep chillin' in the trail on our way up Hard Guy today. Still can't quite make it to the top yet as we hit snow. It won't be long though.

Nate's picture of the snow.


The Death Trap 5000

The scouts came over tonight and we whipped up quite the contraption.

Video Test

Test one two three. I might be posting a few videos from the phone now too... don't expect the best quality though! :)

My new window.

I will soon have a window in my office... neat.


Happy Birthday Skip

Here's a shot of Skip reading all his birthday notes. Six years old and what a lucky dog...


Cinco de Mustache

Starting to get geared up early for the big day.

Cinco de Moustache

  • A day when men are men, and celebrate the glory that is the moustache.


Robo Mower

We're back in business for the season.



Skip needs to find a new hobby other than staining our carpet. It's starting to look pretty bad.