Winter's coming!

Thanks for the birthday pres Hauers! Exactly what he needed.


Giant Forklift

Oh how I love driving heavy machinery. My job on Monday was to unload a full truck of equipment on pallets into one of our theaters. Luckly I didn't even damage anything. I was pretty worried about that railing as the clearance was really tight. :)


The Stick

Ammon was fired up about the stick he found in our sliding window on Sunday. He carried it around nearly all day, even while he ate. It was whipping around bashing into all sorts of things, including his head once in a while. This went on until I hid it during his nap anyway... I'm a mean dad.


Goodbye Sweet RoboMower - RL1000

Well, the time has finally come to bid farewell to our friend, since more problems have developed. The mower would start on it's usual edge trim but then detour out into the yard and slow down only to start SMOKING from the underside. After what seems like me trying nearly everything... the RoboMower just refuses to work consistently. So it's time to go. One of the biggest selling points that pushed me over the edge to buy the robot lawn mower in the first place was that I could get it from Costco. With Costco's great return policy, we felt we had the extra insurance in hand to purchase such a unusual item.

So I packed up all the parts and pieces, cleaned everything up pretty, and took it back into the store. It did take some convincing, and I eventually had to speak with the manager of the store as well, but they took it back. I explained all the trouble over the years, the broken parts, the 3 sets of replacement batteries and the recent smoke. I told him how my lawn looked like crap and how I'd been paying the neighbor boy to mow in the robot's stead, etc. He had all sorts of rapid-fire questions, which I'm assuming my responses helped pacify since they slowed and finally halted. In the end he seemed to understand, and actually admitted that he owned one himself too, but it wasn't hooked up yet at his new home! I told him he was going to love it, while it was working anyway.

So now the question is what sort of mower should we buy as a replacement? I'll prob save the cash until spring when the lawn starts to grow again anyway... Costco rocks.

Costco's return policy: We guarantee your satisfaction on every product we sell with a full refund. (Which is always in cash for some reason too.)


Cyclocross at Sandy Point

Jamie's first 'cross race was a flying success. 2nd place!


Macs just work?

I'm pretty sure this is the apple equivalant to window's BSOD. First time I've seen it and hope it's not a sign of more to come.


New Cyclocross Bike

Added one more bike to the garage, but at least this one is Jamie's.