CrankBrothers cleats

Am I the only one who wears out a set of cleats in just 6 months? Seems like they should last longer. I installed these before our Moab trip this spring and they're a goner now. These are actually the upgraded "premium" cleats too which are made from tougher brass. I do know that these last a lot longer than the standard ones they provide though, something like 1month vs 6months from my experience.

The pedals are still hard to beat... just keep spare cleats in your toolbox for the inevitable replacement when your shoes start slopping around and popping out at inconvenient times!

Facebook Account Unavailable

Well this is no fun... Can't log in from a computer, blackberry or mobile web. Other accounts I've tried work fine though... what's up? Cool part is I can't get to the company facebook account either since it's linked to mine. Hope they take care of it sooner than later since it's already been 6hrs of broken. :)

Account Unavailable

Your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance. It should be available again within a few hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Carving Pumpkins

Power tools are a must.


Our new rides

I think Jamie and I should each get one of these.


Giant Nest

So we found this thing hanging out in our front yard. The question is what the heck is it though. BIL suggested bald face hornets. The hole into that thing could house a small bird though... A bit scary what might be inside, especially since it's so big.


Eagle Island Cyclocross Races

Great racing this weekend opened up the season in the valley. I had my mechanic thoroughly go over my ride before departure and I'm sure it helped.



So I've got 5yrs of velonews here... Think its time to trash em or are they worth keeping for some great reason I can't think of?

Cyclocross Time!

I've been riding the 'cross bike for a couple weeks and just noticed my chainring from last season while prepping things to race on Sat... Whoops, guess I better start paying attention.


Team Reel

Couple shots from a great club ride we had a few weeks ago.