Received this cookie a couple days after I got back from Moab. Hmmm... time for another trip already?


Bike Junkyard

Finally cleared out the BIG pile of bikes, parts and madmax mutants that had been accumulating behind the house. Don't worry, I couldn't bring myself to check everything and did manage to hang onto a couple of the gems. :)


Parking Lot?

OK... What's going on here? Only one entrance/exit and it chained. It's also land locked with the only access being from another open parking lot.


World's First 100% Compostable Chip Bag

Has anybody else tried a bag of these chips yet? I'm pretty sure they are also the world's loudest chip bag. It nuts really... You literally cannot hear somebody talking right next to you if they've got a hand in there.


MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power)

Decided it was time to do a MAP test this year since I'm finally riding consistently again, but the question is... did I "cheat" by not keeping the ramp rate consistent right until the failure point? Notice I inadvertently spiked the power up in the last 30 seconds when the going got really tough. Last time I did this test was March of '09 and I scored 408... this time 414. Is the 414 inflated or legit though?

(yeah I broke the "always post from my phone" rule on this one)

High Def

We're now up with the times thanks to the new dish our little guy installed. Good stuff.