Over the Edge Sports in Fruita, CO

We found the ultimate toilet handle in the bike shop in Fruita last week.


Hammer Nutrition

We got a bunch of free hammer stuff at our bike club meeting the other night and this was all I could think to do with all the extra stickers. Skip wasn't really a fan though.


Training for Robie

Ammon went out on his first run with Jamie and had some fun.



The lights are all off the house and it's not even Easter yet.


Hard at work.

Ammon decided to come into work today and help push some papers around.


I need a bigger garage.

Out on a ride tonight and had to stop and snap a pic of this guy's 9+ car garage. Nice!


It's a dog, right?

I think it's a little tough to tell what that hair ball even is.


Bundled up

Here's Ammon taking in some nordic racing this weekend. It was really sunny :)


This dog wondered into our yard the other night and he had to spend the night while we waited for somebody to come pick him up. What a cool dog he was though... super friendly and HUGE. We almost wanted to keep him, except for the stink and shedding. :)


Nordic Masters World Cup

Took in some racing at the world cup in McCall this weekend. Fun trip.