Not Cyclocross

The first cyclocross race in our area was today. I didn't get to go. Game on for next weekend though.


Spoiled dog

Came home and couldn't find Skip until I looked in our room. He couldn't even be bothered by getting up he was so comfy.


A tribute to Nate's Gate

Paid a visit to Nate's Gate this morning and all was in order. Except Nate was too tired to hit the trails before the sun was even out with the rest of us. The gate missed him I think.


Wound Care & the start of Cyclocross Season!

Dang. I just about had all my injuries healed up nicely (due to lack of riding really) and then I have to go and get another battle mark. Tonight's was a bit of a surprise as it didn't look like much happened from the outside of my shorts. I was wondering why it hurt so bad until I pulled back the spandex and got a look for myself. Jamie & I have experience in this area and know the best way to bandage road rash. Hands down the best method for this type of wound is a Tegaderm type dressing. Detailed instructions here thanks to the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association.

Jamie fixed this one up nice and I actually can't even feel it anymore... ahhhhh!


Baby Clothes

Received these sweet threads from Tina & Greg this weekend.

Posters Galore!

Thousands of movie posters that had to be packed up to move. Five years of them piled up from all our locations.

Can you drink 'too' much water?

Trash pile was getting a little unruly. Yes, we did end up recycling them all! :)

No Smoking

So I'm def not a fan of smoking, but somebody left a pack of cigs on my car and this was as close as I could get to giving them a whirl. Didn't taste very good, even without the fire. BTW, who leaves a brand new pack of cigs on somebody's car anyway... weird.


Baby Burrito

Jake had this blanket idea for his new babe, Lily, and Abby sewed the idea into reality.

RoboMower update

The mower stopped again and this time I narrowed it down to a faulty charging power supply. The only replacement on hand was "indoor only" though, so I rigged it up with a bottle and liberal amounts of silicone and we're back on track.


Look ma no hands!

So this is how you eat a pizza without having to wash your hands.


Andrew's new do

Bringin the stripes back!