We Are the Champions

The results are in.


The Cupboards

Ammon has discovered a jackpot of fun only hidden by a small door. The water bottles in there are the ONLY thing he wants to play with now and he remembers exactly how to get them as soon as I bring him downstairs. Looks like I've got to round up some of those dreaded locks now. For some reason I thought we could get by without them.


Snow Ride

Broke out the trusty steeds yesterday and hit the trails. A bit of some slip and slide action, but tons of fun. Especially the fast downhill sections where we could blast through the big wind drifts with the extra speed and momentum.


Foodbank Dough

Check out the pile of cash we've pulled in for the Idaho Foodbank so far. It's mostly ones so it looks like an impressive pile in there. Still, it's up to $324.18 as of tonight. Not bad for just sticking a lock box on the porch.


Back to the Future

What the? Saw this on my way in for lunch.

Test one two...

This is just a test of my new phone's blagging ability. Sweet sunset from our front yard the other night though. :)


Christmas Lights

My neighbor added a single string of lights to his house last night. Nice! Ya he's pointing towards my house. :)



Jamie got home from work just in time to put Ammon down the other night. I lucked out. (This is her trying to wipe the smile off her face and be sad.)