The Riding Mower / Burner

Ok, riddle me this. For some reason our mower creates these spots if you stop moving for very long. Two of those spot I completely stopped the engine and restarted... The other I just stopped moving for a few seconds to let the deep grass catch up. What the heck is causing this. There are no obvious leaking fluids... But I haven't actually crawled up under the thing yet either. There are no puddles where it sits parked all week. I'm not sure if its always done it or not, but I always forget until a few days after I mow when the "stop spots" show up. A few more days of watering and they blend their way back in. What the weird? I'm going to do some more tests next mow job if I remember and track down the exact position the dead is created under.

Here's the mower we're talkin 'bout.


Crop Dusted

Cool sight out on a ride the other evening. Cool until I had to ride thru the cloud of poison anyway...


Dog Walkers

The best flier that has ever been left on our door.



For some reason every bottle is always dirty when I head out for a ride. Here's the line of them after gathering from around the house and garage... whoops.


Double Rainbow

Perfect double rainbow spotted on drive down from McCall a few weeks back.

Check out this great post about how rainbows work too.


Disc Brakes

Wow... Now that's a big brake rotor.


Cambridge, ID

Camp for the night on Ride Idaho.