Country Club Plaza Reel Theatre Upgrade - After

Almost finished.

Country Club Plaza Reel Theatre upgrade

I forgot to get an actual before shot but here's one with the new flooring installed and aisle lighting in process.


Bring your kids... and dogs!

Jamie and I found this funny while exploring Wallace, Idaho. Small town doctors do it all I guess.

Ride Idaho - day 3 at Deary High School

Well look at that. I found a couple more forgotten ride pics on my phone. Charise does not look happy with the situation!


270 watts X 24 channels = good stuff

I've been busy remodeling our Country Club Reel location lately and thought this picture of a huge stack of amplifiers looked cool. We'll be upgrading the sound systems to full 6 channel digital on all screens this week.


Ride Idaho is over

So much for the daily ride updates. Phone battery died and I never managed to get it charged. Great ride all in all though. 450 miles through lots of places I never even been in a car. Tons of very nice rail to trail bike path up there that were just awesome. Great trip.


Ride Idaho - day 1

61 miles down and now we lounge. Great day of riding with perfect weather so far.


Ride Idaho

Let the fun begin.

C is for cookie

Thought this plate ruled.


Stranded... Again.

So I'm just driving down the road in Reece's rig when it just dies without notice. So here I sit and wait for a ride.