Ski Pass

Man... McCall's got it all. Look what we found in the paper this morning. Permission from God? It doesn't get better then that.


Make a Wish

Here's to wishin' she could just dive into the tiramisu cake reese made a little quicker.


Happy Birthday Hunny!

I attempted to whip up some sushi for Jamie's big day and it probably could even fool some people into thinking I knew what I was doing. Good stuff! We're going to have to do this more often now. Yum.


Rock Band

We may just have a rock star on our hands.


A Christmas Story

Reminds me of Ralphie's little brother. Ammon couldn't really move either.

The lights

These are the kinds of things we find in the box or on the door over the holidays. Oh and the total Foodbank donation ended up at $641.91 and 275lbs of food. Awesome!



Up on the hill after New Years. Conditions were great. Sun was out but temps nice and cold. Snow was still fluffy from the prior storm. Ahh...