Killed by Indians.

We found this out on a ride several years ago and still stop to pay our respect. It's not often you find a grave this cool, especially right off the road.


That's cool...

So how cool would it be to live on Cool Rd?


Adrian Oregon's City Hall Building

Saw this out on my ride yesterday. Small town, small city hall I guess.



So I made it all the way to Oregon this week with no mechanicals! I even brought a spare tire this time just in case. Long ride whooped me. Forgot how hard it is to ride 100miles. I need to work on that...


Abby's rolling in cash

Abby emptied her piggy bank and showed off her loot tonight. Lucky!


Now that's a flat tire.

Doh! Mission failed in a drastic way. I'm not even quite sure what happened. One sec I'm flying along at 20+, next sec my wheel is totally locked up and skidding to a stop. Something must've jammed in there and fallen back out because it's spinning fine now. Weird. Now I wait for a ride. Glad I brought my phone.

What's in your pockets?

Off for a long ride and here's what i'm taking along. Plan is 100miles. Hope i make it.



Skip really know's how to chill.


Return of the RoboMower

Yay! The robot is back in full force. Although full force can't quite handle the jungle we've got going on back there. Hopefully we'll be back to the norm and lookin good in a few days.


Free bed to good home

So we're clearing out some room for the baby and have this extra bed. Anybody want it? Sorry the mattress set already found a new home.


Spendy gas

Now thats a bargain.


The Sawtooths

Just driving through Stanley.