Payette Lake

A three hour tour.


The Powerhouse!

So Ladd shredded his big chainring by simply throwing down a monster sprint tonight on our training ride. I've never seen anything like it. Must be all those secret squats he's been sneaking in at the gym.


Tour of Eagle Criterium

Not the best picture, but here's the after effect of the worst bike crash I've seen in person. Eric Slack was laying unconscious on the course for what seemed like forever and was barely talking when the paramedics finally hauled him off. Pretty scary since I had just raced an hour earlier. Rumor is he's doing OK now but had a serious concussion and no broken bones.

Sitting Babies

Ammon can sit on his own pretty well now, which is fun until he falls over and whacks his head.

Ron Paul

You know you're truly committed to a candidate when you spray paint it on your truck :)

Lyle Pearson 200

Still smiling after our 200 mile team relay.

Mountain Biking Hard Guy

Spring is so great in the foothills. The trails are perfect once things dry out.


BBQ Testing

We finally upgraded to a new grill. Old one only worked sometimes and only one burner at that. The final straw was some strong wind that sent it sailing across the backyard a few weeks ago busting parts off as it rolled. Anyway, I fired up the new one last night and let it burn for 30mins to get the crud out. As you can see from the siding, it works very well. Woops.


Too many monitors?

I think one more would be about right. This is even his part-time, less used station.


Car Alarm

"Top" security in Idaho.


Time to ride

Finally out on the road and it wasn't long before he was out like a light.


Snug Helmet

Testing out the fit of the helmet mods.

Helmet mods

Added this chunk of foam to Ammon's lid and now it's actually comfy and doesn't cause crying.


Ironman 70.3 in Boise

Congrats to all those that finished. Watching was as far as we got this year.

RoboMower update

The robot has been mocking us and our lawn lately.


Say hello to my nephew...

Happy Birthday Cameron! 8lb 8oz born at 10:37am