Field of Honor

Merrill Park in Eagle has 800 flags set up to celebrate memorial day and honor our military and veterans. It's quite the site.


These boots were made for walkin'...

Here's Aimee showing off some fancy kickers on her way out today.


I'm tired

It's time for some double bacon cheese burgers. 2800 cals burned on today's ride. NICE


Makenna shows off her technique

A lesson in perfect moping.

Happy Birthday Abby!

Party hats all around.


First Place!

Ya so we rocked Camels Back Duathlon. Team white snake is not something you want to mess with.



Fixed Gear Track Bike Winner!

So I forgot to post this pic from last week. The Reel Theatre hosted a fund raiser for the new Idaho Velodrome and they raffled off this sweet ride. I have a feeling a track bike is in my future... especially since the park opens next summer.


That thing is huge

Izzie found a fry that was nearly 12" long at dinner tonight. She was excited about the fry, but not excited about uncle Eric taking a picture.


Ready For Business

Clamped some aerobars onto the bike tonight. That's as ready as it gets for Camels Back Duathlon.

Baja Cyborg Sighting #2


Pink Cyborg

...everyone's doing it.



So that's what a pile of 67 extension cords looks like. Good to know... and they're finally all out of the yard.


Zamzow's End Weeds in action

With the RoboMower MIA, a full offensive attack on the dandelions is my only option to keep the crazy HOA letters away.
The toxins seem to be working! <insert evil laugh here>


My Number Collection

I think every racer should have a wall of numbers. Win or lose It's pretty cool to see what you've accomplished in this form. I write how I placed on each one too but It's prob too small to see that part.


Rollin on Dubs

Saw this beemer with 22's at lunch and figure it's about time to upgrade the jeep. :)


Licked by a Bobcat

On the way home from Poky we stopped to get gas and ran into a guy walking his pet Bobcat. Now Nate wants to get one.



Nate, Harris & I gave the MTB race in Lava a shot today. Tough race that kicked all our butts. 3rd, 2nd & 10th were our placings in each individual category. Not too shabby.

The Ultimate Jeep

We stopped by Big-O to see if Cam was around but the joint was closed. Anyway, the jeep is lookin pretty sweet. We need the real scoop from Cam though.


RoboMower = Busted

Well i guess it was too good to be true. The RoboMower died yesterday. Almost exactly on It's one year birthday. Came home to find it spinning in circles in the backyard. It seems only the right drive wheel is getting power, hence the circles. So off to get repaired it goes. Poor RoboMower. At least It's still under warrenty.


New shirt

Eights are lucky ya know!


Latest baby shot.

This one's for Nate.



The ultimate dessert.


Not Lost

This is the point when we decided to name this ride "no trail". We did find a cattle trail on the other side of the next hill that led us out.

Secret Lake

Harris and I found this little lake while on an exploring ride this weekend. Pretty cool since I had no idea there was anything like that in the foothills.


Buried Treasure

So I found a christmas extension cord completely grown into the lawn while trimming today. It was so stealthy that only the very end was even visible before I pulled it up. No idea it was even there and it was completely unscathed by the RoboMower. Cool.


Weed Patrol

Freaking ridiculous. So we're out of town for a few weeks and that's all it takes to get a letter from the homeowners assoc. These people are nazis I tell ya.


RoboMower's cousin

I wish I had a robo-edger. It's about time to break out the trimmer. :-)