Boise Twilight Criterium

The biggest race in Idaho came and went on Sat. I managed an 11th place spot out of nearly 70 racers. I think I could've done several spots better but I went a little early and didn't have anymore gas left at crunch time. Live and learn... Next year it's ON!


Scout camp

Full load. Ready for some fun!


Trek Equinox TTX 9.9

...or in other words. Just plain fast.


It's a capote!

Grandpa sent me his capote since he wasn't going to be using it anymore. This thing is going to rule winter camping.


Treasure Valley Stage Race

So this is the most I've ever won in a bike race. Crazy thing is it was for 7th place... I doubt the day will come when this hobby will be self-supported... but at least it paid for my entry fee this time. :)


4th of July

What a great holiday :)


Gate City Grind Time Trial

Threw down what I thought was a decent time last night, but only managed 19th place out of 42 cat 3 riders. Those guys are really fast.