Fast and Furious

We hammered up Hard Guy until the snow stopped us today. While the snow doesn't look very deep in the photo... it was HARD to ride. Pretty much like I'd imagine riding with velcro wheels on a velcro mat that is placed over the top of ball barrings. We finally turned around and just FLEW down the hill. Then continued over to Corrals and down Crestline and Red Cliffs to do the same thing. The trails were frozen solid and traction couldn't have been better. The adrenaline was flowin' and we were plain ol cruisin'. What a great ride!


Hulls Gulch in the snow.

We hit the trails yesterday and it was a perfect day of winter riding. Nice and fast frozen ground with spots of decent snow coverage, but still warm enough that we didn't freeze.


I've seen a sign!

This guy is my hero. We were driving down Ustick when his display and sign made us stop and drool. The sign was at least 12' wide with full moving graphics. His truck out front had a sign company logo on it. Awesome.


Opening Night

We finally fired up the light show last night and it was an instant hit. So much so, that cars started flooding into the street almost immediately after turning it on. At one point we heard lots of shouting and applause and opened the front door to look outside and find an entire bus full of people out there enjoying the show. NICE!


Look what came in the mail today.

< insert evil laugh here >


Utah Cyclocross Race

What a wild race. Too many crashes to count. Fun day though... more pics to be posted to my main photo page later.


Double Cyborg Sighting

Look close to witness the elusive double cyborg in the wild.


Ammon all ready for bed

At the top of Big Emma

Snowless half-pipe

The scene of my flat tire. So while I rode up this baby the water on my rims froze and I had zero brakes coming back down. I finally stopped by crashing into a huge rock and pinch flatting my front tire. It was quite the surprise to have the rims freeze though... Something to watch out for.

Snowbird Cyclocross Session

Nate, ready to race.

Biking the Bird

The snow is light this year at Snowbird, so we hit the slopes on our cyclocross bikes. Nate was stoked as you can tell from the photo.

Run! There are wild animals around...

No comment required.


Knit fest

Today was a popular day to break out the knitting needles.

Cyborg sighting

The cyborgs must have been in hiding lately as I haven't spotted them out in the wild. The biggest problem may just be actually capturing them on film as this fellow required 4 attempts.


Nice and Neat

Here it is after assembly.

New Light-O-Rama Control

I've got 16 more chans of control this year.



Finally started mounting things up for the Christmas lights tonight. Let the fun begin!


Growing Like a Weed

OK. So if the current trends hold up, Ammon will be 12' 4" tall and 189lbs on his fifth birthday. Nice!


Just waving Hi

This page may soon contain only baby photos.


Sandy Point Cyclocross Race #2

Here's a shot of the C race start today. Great day of racin. Could tell that I have lost fitness with three wks of no riding but was surprised at how well I could keep up overall. The course suited me with nothing too intense, so that helped a lot. It did rain for the whole B race but I think all that did was slow down the real fast guys with lots of crashes. Almost everybody went down at some point. I totally lucked out and stayed upright though. Ended up 7th overall and 6th Cat3. The race was actually just what I needed to get motived again as I was really starting to slack on the workouts.



I can't get over how small he is. His wrist is almost exactly as wide as my thumb.


Home sweet home

Everyone's home and happy now.

Also, here's a short video clip of the little guy:

Ammon is all ready to go home.

Sure looks small in his car seat.


Burrito Time

No wonder Jamie craved so many tacos... We had a burrito.

Nine hours old

His stats are 6lbs 6oz and 19.75 long. Mom and baby are doing great.



Baby Care Class

I'm now a diaper changing and swaddling know it all. Which I'm pretty sure ranks right up there with Ninja Warrior.


Giant Black Widow

The front porch is decorating itself for Halloween. Scary.



New shirt from Sheree ranks right up there with the others!


Miata Vacation

This just looked funny to me.


BSU Bronco Fan

This is the ultimate Boise State Bronco fan! Look close and you'll see his plate even reads GOBRONX


Sandy Point Cyclocross Race

Today was the fifth race in the local cyclocross series. It was a great day to be racing and I was feeling quite a bit better than last week. I still couldn't keep up with the leaders pace after a few laps pegged at the redline and ended up tied for 9th overall... and 7th Cat3. Not too shabby considering the course was very technical, and I'm pretty good at falling down in those situations. So the picture is of Richard Feldman, who is a 4 time National Cyclocross Champion (see the stars & stripes?).

Also, notice that nobody is on his tail...


My Jack-O-Lantern

Here's the finished product.

The Whole Gang

Carving Pumpkins

Isn't carving pumpkins a bit of a strange tradition? FYI, it's much easier with power tools, but you may get some funny looks. I'm pretty sure Nate's still cleaning pumpkin off his family room floor. :)


Dirty Hat

I've never tried this before and was surprised how well it worked. Dirty hat is now clean!


Eagle Island Cyclocross Race #2

OK, so I forgot to snap a phone picture while I was actually at the race. But here's a shot of my cassette after I cleaned a whole pile of debris out of it. The race didn't go well from the start since I managed to fall off the bike a couple times in the first 2 laps and couldn't catch back up with the leaders... but then the kicker was a weed that completely engulfed my gears. It was wrapped all around the cassette cogs, from top to bottom, which only allowed one working gear. I had to stop mid race and with the help of a friend de-weed it. Soooo... long story short I placed 12th and blame the weeds! But being sick didn't help anything either.

I hope that's enough excuses, because I can't think of any more. :)


Tamarack Cyclocross

So I took a drive up to McCall last weekend and did some racing! Managed to snag 5th and 2nd placings between the two races. Nice. Eagle Island races continue tomorrow so that should be fun... if only I wasn't sick. We'll see how that works.


Not Cyclocross

The first cyclocross race in our area was today. I didn't get to go. Game on for next weekend though.


Spoiled dog

Came home and couldn't find Skip until I looked in our room. He couldn't even be bothered by getting up he was so comfy.


A tribute to Nate's Gate

Paid a visit to Nate's Gate this morning and all was in order. Except Nate was too tired to hit the trails before the sun was even out with the rest of us. The gate missed him I think.