Fast and Furious

We hammered up Hard Guy until the snow stopped us today. While the snow doesn't look very deep in the photo... it was HARD to ride. Pretty much like I'd imagine riding with velcro wheels on a velcro mat that is placed over the top of ball barrings. We finally turned around and just FLEW down the hill. Then continued over to Corrals and down Crestline and Red Cliffs to do the same thing. The trails were frozen solid and traction couldn't have been better. The adrenaline was flowin' and we were plain ol cruisin'. What a great ride!


Hulls Gulch in the snow.

We hit the trails yesterday and it was a perfect day of winter riding. Nice and fast frozen ground with spots of decent snow coverage, but still warm enough that we didn't freeze.


I've seen a sign!

This guy is my hero. We were driving down Ustick when his display and sign made us stop and drool. The sign was at least 12' wide with full moving graphics. His truck out front had a sign company logo on it. Awesome.


Opening Night

We finally fired up the light show last night and it was an instant hit. So much so, that cars started flooding into the street almost immediately after turning it on. At one point we heard lots of shouting and applause and opened the front door to look outside and find an entire bus full of people out there enjoying the show. NICE!


Look what came in the mail today.

< insert evil laugh here >


Utah Cyclocross Race

What a wild race. Too many crashes to count. Fun day though... more pics to be posted to my main photo page later.