Anniversary Picnic

Took the cruisers out and had a great date by the pond thanks to the awesome dinner Jamie had hiding in the basket.

Thanks for nine magnificent years Hunny.


Boise Twilight Criterium

Managed to pull off an eighth place this year thanks to some help from Matt. I think next year the podium has our name on it!


What a mess!

He used to eat so well. Now he's figured out he can grab the food before it gets into his mouth if he's quick.


Fresh Chip Seal

They dumped a bunch of tar and rocks in front the house last week. Yuck

The Electra Navy

Jamie's in the Navy now.



Looks like a 1940's army duck came to watch a movie, as I found this parked behind the theater today. Seems like it'd be fun to take a ride in.

Allergy Alert

Tons of pollen in the lake last week.


Brundage Lookout

On a ride today I found this. Definitely a strange rig to find on top of a mountain, especially with the NY plates.