The Riding Mower / Burner

Ok, riddle me this. For some reason our mower creates these spots if you stop moving for very long. Two of those spot I completely stopped the engine and restarted... The other I just stopped moving for a few seconds to let the deep grass catch up. What the heck is causing this. There are no obvious leaking fluids... But I haven't actually crawled up under the thing yet either. There are no puddles where it sits parked all week. I'm not sure if its always done it or not, but I always forget until a few days after I mow when the "stop spots" show up. A few more days of watering and they blend their way back in. What the weird? I'm going to do some more tests next mow job if I remember and track down the exact position the dead is created under.

Here's the mower we're talkin 'bout.

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Ski Bike Junkie said...

I don't know the cause, but I look forward to the follow-up post. The nice thing about living at 6,300 feet? I haven't mowed at all during the month of August.