CrankBrothers cleats

Am I the only one who wears out a set of cleats in just 6 months? Seems like they should last longer. I installed these before our Moab trip this spring and they're a goner now. These are actually the upgraded "premium" cleats too which are made from tougher brass. I do know that these last a lot longer than the standard ones they provide though, something like 1month vs 6months from my experience.

The pedals are still hard to beat... just keep spare cleats in your toolbox for the inevitable replacement when your shoes start slopping around and popping out at inconvenient times!


StupidBike said...

cleat wears out ot pedal wears out, i choose cleat

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I'm currently running some egg beaters but was on some richeys for a long time. Before the richeys I was on egg beaters. I never replaced the richey cleats. Pedals are still in fine shape, too. I've been through a whole bunch of crank brothers cleats. Enough to buy a couple pairs of richey or shimano pedals.

Eric said...

The shoe shields they sell are pretty much mandatory as far as I'm concerned as well. My sidi's are completely thrashed from the pedal bars diggging into the bottom of the shoe. I actually switched to the Candy a while back just to give more support and take some of the pressure off of those dang wings on my shoe sole. I used to have to reposition my cleat back and forth just to find a new "unused" spot where I could get solid egg beater engagement. Then somebody told be about a guy on ebay selling "beater blockers" a few years back which have apparently disappeared since CrankBros started selling their own shield. The weird thing is I mention my shoe getting destroyed to all the other beater users and people think I'm nuts. Either they just don't notice the damage and extra slop or I'm really hard on equipment I guess.