I can't get over how small he is. His wrist is almost exactly as wide as my thumb.


margo said...

love this pic...amazing.

Unknown said...

You don't know me, but I've been viewing your pics since 2006 when my husband and I were searching for Boise pictures online. I feel like I know you two and I had to come out of lurking and say CONGRATULATIIONS on your little gift! He is beautiful.

We finally relocated to Boise (Eagle) from AZ in September of 2007 and we love it here. Thanks for posting all the great shots ... we've enjoyed many of them even though we are strangers.

We are normal couple with two boys ourselves (age 7 and 3)... my blog is called relocationdreams.blogspot.com

Enjoy these days - you are truly blessed!


Eric said...

Hey Allison... thanks for visiting and for the congrats! We'll take all we can get... even from strangers. Isn't it strange how the internet works and aren't Boise / Eagle great places?! We can't keep it a secret for long.