The ultimate dessert.


D said...

holy crap.

Where did you get that,
what is in it, and
how many people ate it?

Aaron said...

Ya, everything D said.

Eric said...

Charise made it and that's about all I know other than it was really good. 10 people finished it off.

ReeSe said...

Heh, we didn't finish it off (I'm still finishing it off in my fridge). This is layers of pure goodness.
crumbled choc cake
peanut butter layer (made w/ pb chips)
choc pudding
cool whip
crumbled reeeses pbc

SamyoD said...

Do you get a bumper sticker for eating this?

Linz said...

I think we'll need a recipe on myfamily.com reeses. That looks like layers of parfait heaven!

margo said...